Welcome to Befus Herefords

We started raising Registered Herefords in 2015; but, our background comes from many generations of farming and ranching.  We began our operation in Wyoming; just recently we moved to our new headquarters in Lyman Nebraska.

Our herd started with 6 heifers from Rick Rausch, and we have added 29 more females from his herd.  Our first bull, Jo Classic Pace 4018 comes from Jo Bulls, (Brock Johanson).  He is a Bar Z Balder 680 son, and has outperformed our expectations.  Calving ease and docility are common traits with Jo Classic Pace 4018. 

We have a rigorous culling protocol always looking to market quality genetics.  We will strive to improve the breed for generations to come!

Contact Greg, Laurie or Jacob to talk about our program and yours; we enjoy just shooting the breeze!